We Are Now Proudly Partnered With the American Diabetes Association, Minnesota Area!

In the United States alone, nearly 30 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, and thousands more are diagnosed every year.  It’s a disease that can affect anyone, but with the right information and action, we can prevent the growth of diabetes in our communities and defeat diabetes.

We want to help you feel great and be great.  Our Medifast for Diabetes Program can help you get healthier and start living life to the fullest.  All Medifast meals are low glycemic and safe for people with diabetes. The program focuses on cutting calories while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.  The Medifast program also focuses on behaviors that might be triggers for overeating, like low blood sugar levels, stress, and anxiety. Our program is ideal for people at risk for diabetes as well.  By losing weight and being active, you can fight off diabetes and feel great doing it.

We have partnered with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), Minnesota Area, to fight against the deadly effects of diabetes and increase awareness and support among the community.  Our specialized program offers assistance that can help lower your risk for diabetes or manage your symptoms.  By supporting our clients to develop healthier eating habits and encouraging good fitness habits, we can work toward a world without diabetes.

If you think you might be at risk for diabetes, check out this great assessment and see what sort of action you should take to lower your risk.

Our new partnership has inspired us to take new strides to defeat diabetes.  The ADA, Minnesota Area, has a number of upcoming events in the area to raise money, raise awareness, and raise spirits.  Be sure to mark you calendars!

  •  Step Out:  Walk to Stop Diabetes on Sept. 27, 2014 and September 26, 2015
  • Tour de Cure – Twin Cities on May 30, 2015 and in Rochester on September 20, 2014 and September 19, 2015
  • Diabetes EXPO – October 11, 2014 and October 10, 2015
  • American Diabetes Association Gala – At Treasure Island Resort & Casino on May 2, 2015
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