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Success Story: Siri

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Siri: Before and After   Siri was tired of being overweight and was starting to worry about her weight affecting her health. She wanted just wanted to feel better. Usually, Siri would see weight [...]

Recipe: Vanilla Custard

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Looking for a satisfying dessert that won’t destroy your diet?  Try out this recipe for vanilla custard – it’s easy to make and has the right amount of sweetness to finish off any meal.   YIELDS: [...]

Success Story: John

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John: Before and After   John decided to join Medifast because he needed to lose weight and lower his blood pressure.  He loved being able to check-in at weekly meetings to keep his motivation [...]

Recipe: Stuffed Green Peppers

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This is a great recipe that can have two very distinct flavors.  If you are in the mood for Mexican, follow the recipe as it is listed below.  If you want more of an Italian flavor, [...]

Success Story: Jolene

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Jolene: Before and After Jolene: Before and After   Jolene was looking to lose weight and didn’t want to be taking cholesterol medicine for the rest of her life. From the first [...]

Recipe: Grilled Steak & Vegetable Salad

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Grilled Steak & Vegetable Salad   While red meat sometimes gets a bad reputation, it is beneficial to eat every once in while.  Red meat is a great source of protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins.   [...]