Recipe: Caramel Popcorn Clusters

Are you walking around the stores and finding all the Halloween candy to be nearly irresistible? This recipe for caramel popcorn clusters is a great way to banish those cravings and so quick to make!

YIELDS: 1 Serving | 1 Medifast Meal, 1 Medifast Optional Snack





  • 1 Medifast Caramel Crunch Bar
  • 1 bag of Medifast Sea Salt Popcorn



  1. Heat the Caramel Crunch Bar in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, or until warm. Break bar into small pieces.
  2. Prepare popcorn and crunch up popcorn inside the bag.
  3. Combine popcorn pieces with the warm bar.
  4. Roll mixture into balls of whatever size you like.
  5. Let set and cool for two to three minutes.
  6. Serve and enjoy!
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