Success Story: Susie

Susie: Before and After

Susie: Before and After


Susie had been struggling with some health issues and her weight for many years. No matter what she tried, Suzie could never seem to lose the weight on her own. She lost her father when he was only 72 years old, and even though he had several health issues, they listed his main cause of death as being morbidly obese. Susie was determined to not end up with the same health issues has her father, so she joined Medifast after seeing a few commercials on television for a new location in her area.


Joining Medifast was, by far, the best decision feels she has ever made. Not only did she lose the weight fast, but also it was easy with the support from the staff. Now Susie feels great and loves to go clothes shopping. Her previous health problems have lessened and Susie is genuinely HAPPY. Susie loves the girl she sees in the mirror and recommends the Medifast program to everyone.


Susie lost:

75 pounds

16.8% body fat

51.75 inches


*Results vary: Clients can expect to lose 2-5 lbs. per week for the first two week and 1-2 lbs. per week thereafter.


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