Success Story: Barbara

Barbara: Before and After

Barbara: Before and After


Barbara had had a weight problem since she was was a child. She have tried many different diet plans and she would either go up and down in weight or just get bored and quit. Barbara decided to join her local Medifast Weight Loss Center so she could truly enjoy being herself and look good in her own skin and clothes.


Medifast has kept Barbara focused and has guided her along her way to weight loss success. The staff and plan surpassed her expectations. Barbara recommends Medifast to anyone looking to lose weight because of the great plan structure, the caring and friendly help of the consultants, and because – bottom line – the plan works. She now knows that she must remember what to enjoy – eating to be healthy and having smaller portions is just the ticket! Barbara has received many compliments from friends saying she looks good. Barbara is so happy and thankful for the help she received from Medifast!


Barbara lost:

34.8 pounds

30 inches


*Results vary: Clients can expect to lose 2-5 lbs. per week for the first two week and 1-2 lbs. per week thereafter.




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