How Small Adjustments Can Have A Big Impact On Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals


Even though we have the advantage of having twenty-four hours in a day, those hours can move faster (and sometimes slower) than we would like. Between getting kids ready for school, making it – on time – to your 9:00am business meeting, stopping at the grocery store, paying the bills, and getting to bed so you can do it all over again … it becomes difficult to make the time for other things. Primarily, making time for exercise.

You can easily fit exercise into your everyday life with just a few lifestyle adjustments. We’ve got a few suggestions to help you get started.


10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Working Out

  1. Take the stairs. You don’t even have to take the stairs all the way – a few flights of stairs are better than none! According to the University of New Mexico’s Wellness Program, if you take three flights of stairs (1 flight = 12 steps) three times per day, you will burn 45 calories from that activity alone. If you do that Monday – Friday, that’s an extra 225 calories per week that you wouldn’t have burned.
  2. Stand more – at work, on the bus, etc. Even though eating while your sitting is better for you than eating while your standing (you’ll eat slower and pay more attention to what you’re eating), choosing to stand while you work versus sitting helps you burn 20 to 50 more calories per hour.
  3. Park further away. This makes twice the impact if you do this while shopping. Instead of pushing a cart out to your vehicle, roll up your sleeves and carry those bags (within reason, of course)! A few extra steps here, a couple extra steps there … these will add up quickly.
  4. Watch TV while you sit on an exercise ball. This one is pretty fun. Swap out your seat on the sofa and enjoy your television show from atop an exercise ball. Using an exercise ball as a chair improves circulation, helps improve your balance, and is much more fun than merely sitting.
  5. Clean during commercial breaks. This might be multitasking at it’s best yet! Not only will you have a cleaner home, but the extra movement will help burn more calories as well. Dust the mantle, sort through mail, fold laundry, vacuum – your options are limitless and will burn more calories than just sitting on the couch waiting for the commercial break to end.
  6. Turn on some music, and don’t be afraid to dance. Crank up the sound and tackle the task at hand. Trust us, this is the best way to wash dishes or cook dinner. Pull out some of your favorite records or create a new playlist – 50’s classics are pretty fun (and who can resist dancing to “Rockin’ Robin”?).
  7. Wear comfortable shoes. Sounds simple enough – and it is! You are more likely to walk around and move more if you aren’t in agonizing pain just a few steps from your seat. Obviously, we aren’t suggesting wearing tennis shoes everywhere, but there are options for business-appropriate shoes that look as good as they feel.
  8. Wash dishes instead of putting all of them in the dishwasher. Now, you don’t have to do this everyday – after all, you have something that can clean the dishes for you. However, by picking a couple nights out of the week to wash dishes by hand instead of just loading up the dishwasher, you’ll burn a few extra calories.
  9. Don’t just let the dog out – take your canine companion for a quick walk around the block. Obviously, some of these suggestions are more appropriate for days where extreme weather is not happening, but for the most part – this is something you can enjoy year round. Ask your family to join you as well, and get everyone moving! A short walk is better than no walk.
  10. If you’re a numbers person, invest in a pedometer. Sometimes, the best motivation is something you can measure. Pedometers are perfect for people who enjoy this kind of motivation. Create milestones for yourself or get a few friends together for some friendly competition – who can walk the most in a week? In a month? Over three months? Or, if your only competition is yourself – try to increase your steps from day-to-day or month-to-month. You could even set a goal for 1,000,000 steps in a year!


Making time for exercise doesn’t have to mean you plan out four, 45-minute time intervals every week to focus on abs, glutes, arms, and legs. Exercise really can fit easily into your everyday life.


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