A Registered Dietitian’s Tips for Losing Weight at a Sedentary Job

A Registered Dietitian’s Tips for Losing Weight at a Sedentary Job

By Zach Shivers RDN, LD, Weight Loss Consultant

Losing weight is a challenge, especially when 8 hours of your day are spent sitting behind a desk! Working a sedentary job is certainly a challenge for losing weight, but you can overcome it. Continue reading to discover 5 ways you can successfully lose weight with a sedentary job!

  1. Be mindful of what you eat throughout the day.

It’s easy to reach for a snack when you get hungry, but you might not realize how much you’ve consumed at the end of the day! Be mindful of the snacks and meals you eat at your desk, and consciously eliminate any foods that you’re eating out of habit. You’ll be shocked by how much you can lose simply by cutting out unnecessary snacking throughout the day!

  1. Increase your daily activity to increase weight loss.

A simple step for most of us is to simply move a bit more each day.  For example, you can park farther away in the parking lot, take a walk around the office every hour or so, you can get to work early and walk inside or outside depending on weather. The goal is to get 30 minutes of activity every day, but this is cumulative and does not have to be a structured 30-minute walk, for example.  Just think, that one-minute brief walk to go fill up your water bottle counts towards your 30 minutes and you now have only 29 minutes left!

  1. Ensure proper hydration to avoid false hunger cues.

When you are thirsty, your body can manifest this feeling as hunger.  If you are drinking enough water everyday (usually about 8 cups), you will eliminate this false hunger which can assist in decreasing the calories being consumed. Try bringing your own refillable water bottle to work every day and set a goal to fill it up at least 5 times! That way, you’ll be more than halfway to your water goal before the end of the day.

  1. Pack your lunch the night before.

I know that this is a simple recommendation, however packing your lunch the night before will save you both time and money.  Going out for lunch each day is far more expensive than packing your own food, and you’ll start to see the savings almost immediately!  Furthermore, it will save you time as you will not be shortening your lunch break to fit in a trip to the nearby restaurant or corner store.

  1. Coffee drinkers, be mindful of calories.


If you aren’t drinking plain drip coffee, you might not realize how many extra calories you’re consuming with your morning caffeine kick! It is quite easy to add multiple hundreds of calories to your day with your morning coffee ritual, which can increase your waistline while also shrinking your wallet.  Try decreasing the cream and sugar and avoid routinely splurging on pricey mochas and flavored lattes on most work days.

It’s easier than you think to take charge of your weight loss at work! Be mindful of your food choices, get up and move more, and plan your meals in advance to truly jump start your healthy lifestyle during your sedentary work day. If you need more guidance or support, Medifast is here for you! Call 1-855-RESULTS or visit www.medifastmn.com to connect with one of our Registered Dietitians or Nutritionists for more tips on losing weight!

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