Eating Healthy at Target Field

Eating Healthy at Target Field2019-04-12T11:01:42-05:00

We know that finding healthy things to eat among all the tantalizing Target Field food options can feel impossible. In order to help you stay on track we created this handy map that guides you to the healthy food options within the ballpark, so you can stop stressing about concessions and start cheering for your team!

The locations with multiple healthy options include a combination of veggie burgers, chicken breast, and chopped salad. Section 133 is the premier location for healthy food, including walleye skewers, pork chops on a stick, veggie kabobs, turkey to go, and shrimp skewers. For a special bonus, you can find bunless grilled chicken throughout the concession stands at Target Field! Follow the map keys below to find your favorite healthy food options at the next Twins game. Just move your cursor over the map to start exploring!

Stands & Portables

Sunflower Seeds & Peanuts

Section 234

Red Cow Turkey Burger - no bun

Section 109

Vegan burger - no bun

Section 112

Salad - Whole Fruit

Section 113

Carrots with ranch

Section 115


Section 115


Section 122


Section 319


Section 319


Section 120

Indi salad with chicken

Minnesota Twins Theme Song

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