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One-On-One Support

The individualized support is the backbone of the Medifast Program. Losing weight is challenging, and it gets even more challenging with all the misinformation out there about how to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.
Your consultants will not only help hold you accountable during your weight loss journey, but also be a resource with whom you can celebrate milestones, share struggles and ask questions!

The Medifast Advantage

The Medifast Advantage

  • More than 85% of our consultants have advanced education in nutrition, exercise science, dietetics, nursing, and health care.
  • A registered dietitian or nutritionist is available at every center.
  • Certified consultants provide you with the support and instruction you need, tailored just for you.
  • Consultants teach you portion control, behavior modification and practical tips to help you manage both the weight loss and maintenance process.
  • Meet when it’s convenient for you in an individualized setting – no forced group meetings.
  • The Medifast team is still with you once you’ve met your goals. They will guide you toward success both during weight loss and during maintenance.

Body Composition Analysis

At Medifast, we look beyond the scale! When it comes to achieving your weight loss goals, understanding the current state of your body is a priority. Your body’s structure, fat mass, holistic composition and weight distribution are factors our weight control professionals examine closely to craft a more accurate and personalized program for you.

Medifast Weight Control Centers use the innovative and highly accurate Biospace’s InBody® technology to provide you with a detailed assessment of your body composition.

InBody® Measures

  • Weight
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Body fat mass and overall body fat percentage
  • Water balance (identifies dehydration and swelling)
  • Muscle development in arms, trunk and legs

With InBody®, you will always have an accurate analysis of your body composition. Everyone’s body is unique, and InBody’s® clear and insightful results are built to show that there are more milestones than just watching the number on the scale go down!

  • InBody® bases results on your own unique make up, so you don’t have to compare with others. Your personal results are always tailored for you specific body composition.
  • InBody® results will help make sure you are not only losing weight, but that you are retaining lean body mass.
  • Weight loss is just one aspect of improved health and wellness, so we make sure you’re losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

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All over Minnesota and Wisconsin, people have shed pounds and reached new weight goals by working one-on-one with trained Medifast® consultants at our various locations throughout the upper Midwest.

Registered Nutritionist for Weight Control Wisconsin

Lost Almost 50 lbs*

“This isn’t a program you do that has a start and a finish, this is something that has a start to the rest of your life.”

Professional Dietitians for Weight Loss Minneapolis MN

Lost 45 lbs*

“Now I’m 45.2 pounds lighter, able to finally work out without feeling like my heart will have problems, and I can cook healthy foods which I love.”

Customized Weight Loss and Maintenance Plans Minneapolis MN

Lost 143 lbs*

“My old, unhealthy self is gone, and I don’t want to let myself down—or anyone else—by going back to the way I was.”


*Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 lbs/week for the first two weeks, then 1-2 lbs/week thereafter.

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