Your Medifast Program is Waiting for You

Your Medifast Program is Waiting for You2017-11-13T15:59:32+00:00

Your Medifast Program is Waiting for You!

Get back on track before the new year! You can restart your program for FREE with no added fees and no lost weeks PLUS receive five free service weeks and up $50 off products!

At Medifast, we want you to succeed, and we’re here with you every step of the way. Come back to Medifast and take advantage of our healthy, yet delicious holiday recipes or speak to one of our registered dietitians for tips and guidance. Don’t let the holidays beat you when you can beat the holidays. 


Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted? Call 1-855-Results or Contact a Center Near You to restart your Medifast program now and receive five free service weeks and up to $50 off products. 


Joyce joined Medifast in October of 2015 and lost weight during the holidays without sacrificing the things she loves about this season. She lost 47 pounds on Medifast, and has kept it off! Watch below to hear her story!

At Medifast, we’re about supporting sustainable weight loss FOR LIFE, which is why we invite you to come back and rejoin the program without sacrificing the weight loss weeks that you already paid for. Medifast is more than just a weight loss program and is more than just pounds and inches—it’s a lifestyle change that allows you to Live the Life you always wanted!

1. Food discount to be used in $10 increments, weekly over 5 consecutive weeks. Full menu adherence required, minimum purchase based on your individually designed program. 2. Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 lbs. per week for the first two weeks, then 1-2 lbs. per week thereafter. Average weight loss for Medifast Weight Control Center® customers is 25 pounds.