Navigating A Summer BBQ

Navigating A Summer BBQ2019-03-03T10:07:45-06:00
The Medifast Weight Loss Program is designed to help people easily eat healthy in the real world. By educating yourself about healthy food options and learning skills to keep you on track when losing weight and maintaining your weight loss, you can be more confident for any occasion, any day.
Keep these tips in mind when you are headed to your next summer event or celebration:
  • Drink lots of water. Water will fill you up (calorie free!), keep you hydrated (important during the summer), and help with digestion.
  • Offer to bring your own dish to share with others at your next picnic, barbeque, or other celebration. This way you know you can stay on track and you’ll be spreading the health.
  • If you are unsure what kinds of beverages will be available, bring some of your own and steer away from alcohol.
  • Socialize away from the food and refreshments – you will be less likely to snack and refill your plate.
  • After you finish a meal, wait at least 15 minutes to let your food settle. Chances are you won’t be hungry for more.
  • Talk to your Medifast Consultant before the event to get further suggestions and strategies to help you stick to your program.
Remember, these celebrations aren’t just about food – they are about spending time with friends and family. Have fun!

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