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Some Of Our Success Stories

We want Medifast to be the LAST weight-loss plan you ever try. Lose the weight, and keep it off for life! Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds – OR if your goals are intangible, like getting off medication, being able to ski again, having the energy to spend time with your grandkids – no goal is out of reach!

All over Minnesota and Wisconsin, people have shed pounds and reached new goals by working one-on-one with trained Medifast® consultants at our nine locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our experts, which include a registered dietitian or nutritionist at each center, address your individual needs by developing a customized weight loss plan that not only addresses your current situation, but also sets you up for success in the future.

Get inspired: Browse through Medifast success stories and hear firsthand accounts from others who have been able to achieve healthier lifestyles that deliver a sense of well-being and self-confidence. The road to weight loss starts now. By working with us, we’ll help you create your very own success story. It’s one that’s not only told with words, but with results that speak for themselves – a new, great looking you.

This Month’s Video Testimonial

Chris Hawkey came to our April 29 Open House and chatted with Howie, whose been on the program since July! Watch to find out what Chris and Howie decide is the toughest part of the Medifast plan.

Individual Weight Loss Success Stories

Medical Weight Loss in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“This isn’t a program you do that has a start and a finish, this is something that has a start to the rest of your life.”

Elizabeth, Lost Almost 50 lbs*
Weight Loss Clinic Minnesota

“Through Medifast I found my waist again and so much more! The convenience of the meals, the positive support from the staff, and the ease of the program helped me to finally conquer the middle-aged spread!”

Jeni, Lost 30 lbs*
Professional Dietitians for Weight Loss Minneapolis MN

“Now I’m 45.2 pounds lighter, able to finally work out without feeling like my heart will have problems, and I can cook healthy foods which I love.”

Carly, Lost 45 lbs*
Weight Loss Full Service Programs Minneapolis Minnesota

“I needed help to achieve my weight loss goal. Because of my weight loss, my cholesterol has improved and have a richer lifestyle of exercise and better eating.”

Danyelle, Lost 40 lbs*
Customized Weight Loss and Maintenance Plans Minneapolis MN

“My old, unhealthy self is gone, and I don’t want to let myself down—or anyone else—by going back to the way I was.”

John, Lost 143 lbs*
Registered Nutritionist for Weight Control Wisconsin

“Before Medifast I spent every birthday promising myself that by next year I would have lost weight and be healthy. Because of Medifast, this year I kept that promise and made new ones for the next year!”

Kasey, Lost 57 lbs*
Professional Dietitians for Weight Loss Minneapolis MN

“I feel like a completely new person – with so much energy again. Energy that I can dedicate back to the same things in life that are important to me – most importantly my kids!”

Krista, Lost 47 lbs*
Weight Loss Clinic Woodbury MN

“But the most joy comes when my husband gives me a hug and I fit into his embrace. The best improvement is the confidence and pride I feel for accomplishing my goal.”

Sallie, Lost 50 lbs*
Weight Loss Clinic Apple Valley MN

“You gave me something I have never had before…freedom from being overweight! Thank you Medifast!”

Teresa, Lost 100 lbs*

*Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 lbs/week for the first two weeks, then 1-2 lbs/week thereafter.

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